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Zombie Poker Freaks Genesis are an initial drop of 50 Zombie Poker Freaks founder's collection. Helping shape the full collections direction. Ownership of a Genesis collection ZPF will be Whitelisted and given 1-3 mints.*

Zombie Poker Freaks are a collection of 5304 hand-drawn generative NFT freaks representing the 1326 unique starting Texas Hold'em starting hands (each starting hand will be held by 4 freaks.)

These fully generative NFTs are created from over 500 different hand drawn traits across different 20 properties.. (including skin color, clothing, weapons, hats, etc...)

Ownership of a Zombie Poker Freak Genesis NFT gives a FreakRoll Poker Sit-n-Go seat (see FAQ below) as well as our weekly hold'em hand Freak Lotto.

10/28/22 UPDATE: Due to the on going crypto winter and decline of NFT volume we are still in a hovering pattern as to our full collection release. More exactivity on our Twitter and Discord will prompt when launch may be prompted to start. Poker tournaments will still auto-launch per 10 NFT purchase seat fill.

10/14/22 UPDATE: With attacks on artist's resale royalties it has caused this project to take pause to reassess our roadmap, merchandise and printed artwork model.

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What are Zombie Poker Freak Genesis?
This collection is our founder's collection helping shape the direction of the full release. We are looking for support and feedback and what better way to reward holders of one of our Genesis Freaks than with the following:
  • Select one additional trait that will be added to the full release.

  • Seating at one FreakRoll Hold'em 10 person Sit n' Go Tournaments.
    (prize of 25% of the primary purchase ETH of the 10 corresponding seated owners)

  • 1-3 mintings in the full collection.
    (same traits and poker hand, along with new selected trait)

  • Access to private Discord chat channel

What perks will owning a Zombie Poker Freak Genesis give me?
  • 1x FreakRoll Poker Sit-n-Go seat for ETH (check this NFT on website if used)

  • Weekly hold'em hand FreakLotto (ongoing for current owner *)

  • Entry into website private areas

  • Entry into Private Discord Channel

How much will Zombie Poker Freaks cost?
The first 50 Genesis collection pricing will be set at:

Common .025 ETH (includes 1 free mint in full collection)
Uncommon .0375 ETH (includes 1 free mint in full collection)
Rare .05 ETH (includes 1 free mint in full collection)
Epic .1 ETH (includes 2 free mint in full collection)
Legendary .25 ETH (includes 3 free mint in full collection)
Mythic .5 ETH (includes 3 free mint in full collection)

The main collection mint price is TBD
What is the Rarity Property and Mythic level Freaks?
Each Genesis Freak has it's own Rarity property. This property represents it's starting hand strength and is thus applicable directly to it's chance of winning or weekly Freak Roll Lotto. This Rarity is separate as to how each individual NFT might score on a site such as Rarity.tools.

Included in this set of 1326 NFT are 13 Mythic Rarity NFTS (1%) These NFTs are reserved for special All-Star cards. Each will each have 2 unique traits that no other NFT will have.

In addition Mythics will also have their standard starting hand as well as an additional pocket pair starting hand that will also be used during our weekly Freak Lotto.
What is Poker Freak Lotto?
1) Texas Hold'em board of 5 cards will be posted along with 3 random traits. ZPF NFT holder with matching trait and highest hand using that Hold'em board will win FPC. Ties will split the FPC pot.
What is a FreakRoll Poker Sit-n-Go?
Every time a 10 new Zombie Poker Freak Genesis Primary purchase are made a Tournament will be added to our schedule, pending legailty.* Owners of 10 scheduled to play on the day of the tournament will sent an NFT tournament ticket, that ticket will contain a hidden content password to enter a tanle seat.

A full tournament will be held via app, and your NFTs held starting hand has no relevance in this Sit-n-Go. 1st place prize of each tournament table will be 25% of the total primary purchase ETH of those 10 associated Zombie Poker Freak Genesis. (Airdropped and prize transfered freaks will add their associated price's percentage to the pot.)

Freaks can trade hands before tournaments making them more valuable as the pot builds. For each table if no legal tournament can be set within 1 year of 10th seat fill, prize ETH will be split back to those 10 current owners, less gas fees.
What are Freak Poker Chips (or FPC) good for?
Freak Poker Chips or FPC are our in-house currency to buy merchandise, trade and create custom Poker Freak NFTS.

The Poker Freak bank will start with 2500 FPC and 1000 FPC will be added for every .1 ETH of primary Poker Freak purchases/mintings.

Check our merchandise page which will include hats, mugs, stickers and T-shirts and more.
When is full collection's release?
We are currently in Whitelisting Phase, and OG roles are starting to be handed out.
How to get Whitelisted or OG role
We are currently in Whitelisting Phase, and OG roles are starting to be handed out.

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